Budding songstress and producer, Naje (pronounced "Na-Jay"), known as Rebecca Reuther off stage, has been writing lyric-driven songs since the late 90’s under her label and publishing company, Supervixen Music.   

Born Rebecca Benham in Virginia Beach, VA, and raised on an steady diet of rock and punk rock before developing her love for jazz and Billie Holiday, Naje draws influence from what she deems to be an eclectic mix of musical genres, including jazz, soul, R&B, reggae, and of course indie-rock, the music she grew up on.   And that’s exactly what you get on her upcoming release New Day

After graduating in Journalism and Telecommunication from the University of Florida she moved to Athens, GA and joined Athens’ all-girl indie-pop group The Supervixens.  She also teamed up with Hayden Thais (former member of Man or Astroman? and Servotron) to write her very first song Dying Starry Avengers which she recorded with The Supervixens and released through Kindercore Records before the band dissolved.

She then adopted her stage name Naje, taken from her late mother's name Najebi, and recorded and produced Normaltown, her first EP, with Jim Marrer at Zero Return Studios with Thais on guitar and bass and Ballard Lessemann on drums.

She was gigging regularly in Atlanta and Athens when she decided it was time to start learning the business of music and accepted a position in Silicon Valley working in marketing and business development for digital music startup LAVA.COM, a subsidiary of Creative Labs.  She was soon licensing music and developing strategic business partnerships for the Nomad MP3 Player, one of the first digital audio players, and  Her day to day involved listening to a lot of music, meeting with artists and record labels, and negotiating digital music partnerships, and it was here she developed her love for trip hop, electronica, and downtempo.  

In 2002, the stock market crashed, was shuttered, and Naje immediately started writing material for her downtempo/electronic album Cinephoniq which caught the attention of top Hollywood music supervisors and helped further develop her loyal fanbase.

Over the last several years, the raven-haired chanteuse has been performing regularly in the Bay Area with her jazz band.  Her soulful sound, heavily influenced by jazz greats Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Anita O' Day, has won her many loyal fans who come out regularly to see her perform. They also helped her raise money on Kickstarter to produce her upcoming album New Day.  

In September 2011 and January 2012, world-renowned Yoshi’s Jazz Club featured her as their local artist-in-residence.  She also worked with executive producer and Latin-grammy winner Lorenz Russo (Tango Fatal) to record versions of Caravan and More Than You Know, along her original track The Garden.

Naje has performed at top venues and festivals around the country: Great America Music Hall, De Young Museum, Yoshi’s Jazz Club, Fillmore Jazz Festival, San Jose Jazz Festival, Athens Jazz Festival, Athfest, Buena Vista Winery, The Fabulous 40 Watt, Atomic Music Hall, Chicago New Music Festival, The Georgia Theatre, The Masquerade, and many more.   










News & Updates

06-19-15 | Friday Nights at the de Young Museum (6:30 to 8:30pm)

Live music by the Musical Art Quintet featuring Jory Fankuchen, violin; Anthony Blea, violin; Charith Premawardhana, viola; Lewis Patzner, cello; Sascha Jacobsen, bass; Eric Garland, drums; Alex Murzyn, saxophone/clarinet; Nick Tocco, guitar; and Naje, vocalist.

Naje's New Day (coming soon)


A very special thank you to William J. Murray, James Reuther, Sascha Jacobsen, Scott Bergstrom, Mike Blankenship, Colin Douglas, Dave McNab, John Schimpf, Dave Lichtenstein, Guillermo Garcia, The Musical Art Quintet, Jory Fankuchen, Savannah Jo Lack, Charith Premawardhana, Lewis Patzner, Marc Gabbana, Matthew Stepka, Tatyana Balte, Clayton J. Mitchell, and James Garrison.

I’d also like to thank Adam Hirschfelder, Akbar Jaffer, Alexandra Perret Loveman, Alex Nigg, Amanda Jones, Amy Mosebach, Amy Pulver, Amy Streelman, Andrea Fuchilieri, Bill Van Dorn, Camille Ives, C. Van Leeuwen, Charlie Rengel, Christian Martin, Christine Hutcheson, Christopher Amberger, Clayton Mitchell, Clint Slone, Dave Lichtenstein, David Hash, David Kinsfather, Deirdre Toner, Denise Gallant, Derek Hunter, Diana Garcia, Don Daves-Rougeaux, Drew Youngs, the Drew School, Ed Motell, Edna Rivera, Elly Drew, Elizabeth Cotton, Eric Sorensen, Eric Strasser, Ex'pression College, Felix Ejeckam, Gabrielle Kivitz, George Raiche, George Von Bozzay, Guy Einathan, Hilary Karls, Ioana Cozmuta, James McLaine, James Milner, James O'Donovan, Jason Biggar, Jen Herman, Jeremy J. Wall, Jill and Martin Medina Elizalde, John Drew, John Lyons, John Loveman, Keith Saunders, Kevin Monahan, Kurt Collins, Kurt Thywissen, Laith Frangoul, Larry Dan, Lin Coonan, Lorca Hart, Lorenz Russo, Mark Goodfriend, Marla Arcadi, Margi Van Dorn, Maria Pertierra, Matt Shaw, Michelle Pearl, Mike Armstrong, Mike Drew, Mike Strasser, Minnie Ingersoll, Monique Olivier, Nancy Marcon, Neil Graham, Nicole Olivier, Paul Maestre, Paul Nagata, Phyllis Motell, Quentin Mason, Rebecca Thompson, Rob Dalehite, Robbie Schingler, Robert Brown, Russell Kelly, Safina Shaheed, Sandrine Thinnes, Scott Ross, Scott Sosebee, Sonya Gividen, Steven Teed, Stuart Berman, Tim Greene, Tom Volking, Turki, Vadim Nebuchin, Veronica Sibley, Wes Eagan, Will Nunez, Yoshi’s, and 25th Street Recording Studio.


02-01-12 | Yoshi's Jazz SupperClub

Evan Sokol - Dir. of Marketing, Yoshi's Jazz Club
"Not only does NaJe always deliver a compelling and charismatic show with her unique vocal sound, but she consistently fills the room with her loyal following. First we kicked off our Local Talent Series, and NaJe led the way in making it a success. When we decided to launch our Yoshi's Jazz Supper Club, we knew that NaJe was the artist we wanted to feature in our opening month. It was every bit as successful as we had hoped and more." 
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1. NEW DAY(Reuther-Jacobsen)

2. SHE WON’T LOVE YOU (Reuther-Jacobsen)

3. LOVE IS STRONGER THAN TIME (Reuther-Jacobsen-Remington)

4. TOMORROW’S GOODBYE (Reuther-Jacobsen)

5. WE CAN’T FIND THE LOVE (Reuther-Jacobsen)

6. EVERMORE (Reuther-Jacobsen)

7. MON AMIE LA ROSE (Caulier-Lacombe)

8. THE OTHER SIDE(Reuther-Jacobsen)

9. TOMORROW’S GOODBYE (Acoustic) (Reuther-Jacobsen)

10. I CAN’T STOP (Reuther-Jacobsen)

11. DESTINY (Reuther-Jacobsen-Remington)


William J. Murray – executive producer

Rebecca Reuther - vocals, producer

Sascha Jacobsen – bass, producer, arranger, strings

Mike Blankenship – keys, hammond B3

Colin Douglas – drums, percussion

Dave McNab – guitar

Guillermo Garcia – guitar

Musical Art Quintet - strings

Scott Bergstrom – recording engineer, mixing

John Schimpf – mastering

Scott Sosebee - artwork & design

Recorded, mixed and mastered at 25th Street Recording Studio in Oakland, CA